Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coffeeneuring Challenge Week 4: Downtown Farmer's Market

Wow, what a morning! I decided to do my "coffeeshop without walls" (aka farmer's market) and was that ever the right decision. I always have a wonderful time every morning I go, but today really reminded me why Austin is still such a fun, quirky town.

First things first; I took the hike and bike trail near my house that leads straight to downtown and got a picture of my favorite section:

Favorite spot in Austin
Could be my favorite spot in the entire city

Cool, right? Another interesting fact about this trail is it is the site of some beautiful street art that the City of Austin is hellbent on painting over every time a new one crops up. Because there's nothing more important than using city resources to make sure that blank grey cement wall along a public trail stays blank and grey. Luckily I managed to get a picture of the latest one before it was painted over:

Street art
Hooligans! I hope the artist doesn't get discouraged and keeps brightening the trail.

Once I found out that all the ATMs in the entire city were broken, I finally made it to the market, which was buzzing as usual:

Lovely market
Republic Square Park, with market tents in the background

I got my coffee, breakfast tacos, and various other groceries, and relaxed in the beautiful weather.

Whoa where did it go?!?
Forgot to get a picture of the breakfast tacos before I scarfed them down

Some things of note I saw on the way there and back:
  • The Pubcrawler, which is pretty much just 6 drunk people trying to pedal a giant "bar" down the street. It's exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • A group of Segway tourists (a common sight around Austin, but never not funny).
  • A bridge tour that was observing a rotting ancient train track bridge that doesn't go anywhere (see below). I had to ask them what in the world they were looking at...

The Bridge

All-in-all, a very successful coffeneuring morning!

Stop: Downtown Farmer's Market, Republic Square Park, Austin, TX
Beverage: black "Market Blend" coffee from Texas Coffee Traders
Total Milage: 5.4

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