Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coffeeneuring Challenge Week 2: Royal Blue Grocery

Apologies in advance for the long-ish post. It's been a long, amazing weekend and I'm sitting in my apartment, finally dry, listening to the light rain, trying to absorb it all.

This was the second weekend of the ACL festival and I had guests from out of town crashing in my spacious Terrytown apartment, walking distance from the festival. Three solid days of music and fun in the heart of downtown Austin. It's a nightmare for the locals.

Queens of the stone age!

Friday was a load of fun, and Saturday was pretty great as well. As predicted, near the end of the night during The Cure's set, it started to rain. No matter, just makes dancing more fun! Unfortunately what started out as just a nice, refreshing rain gradually built up into a massive downpour and thunderstorm. There was flash flooding everywhere and we were stuck until very late the next morning at a friend's house. The rain ended up being so bad that the last day of the show was cancelled.

The main stage this morning

So instead of more music I went to my running club this afternoon and ran around the soggy downtown area. The weather was just amazing; still cloudy, very cool, and just a few drops of rain here and there. Perfect running weather. Finally, after it ended, I took off from the park and headed back downtown for some dinner and to just barely make my coffeeneuring trip. It was a bit tricky to get there because the hike and bike runs along Shoal Creek, which was rushing from all the rain.

Usually there's very little water here

I finally made it to my destination, Royal Blue Grocery. This is an adorable little corner store tucked away on the west side of downtown. A favorite morning and late-night stop for me...I'm probably here at least once a week.

Coffeeneuring #2

The ride home was amazing. Light rain, cool weather, everything you could ask for. Next week I'm flying out of town, but I hope to sneak in a ride before having to run to the airport. Until then!

Stop: Royal Blue Grocery, 360 Nueces St, Austin, Texas
Beverage: black coffee
Total Milage: 4

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